Ohio Cooperative Solar

A short video introduces the opening of Ohio Cooperative Solar, one of the network of Evergreen Cooperatives in Cleveland Ohio.  The cooperative has begun to install photovoltaicpanels on the three anchor institutions that are part of Cleveland's economic empowerment zone: Case Western University, University Hospitals, and the Cleveland Clinic. 


The  cooperative will install, own, and maintain the panels that they install and sell the generated power to the host institutions.  As a for profit business they are entitled to government solar incentives that non-profit universities and hospitals cannot receive.  Because solar installation is not a year-round business in the Ohio, the cooperative diversified with a weatherization program for the colder months in order to create full-time jobs.   


CEO Steve Kiel, who says he is like an employee of the cooperative's 20 worker-owners, explains his goals include structured wealth creation for the workers' long term economic security.  A share of the company's surplus is allocated to the workers but retained in the company, capitalizing the business while creating long-term individual savings. 


Via the Cooperative Development Center at Kent State University