Oakland Is Claiming Its Worker Cooperative Capital Title

TitleOakland Is Claiming Its Worker Cooperative Capital Title
Publication TypeWeb Article
Year of Publication2015
AuthorsBurnley M

We’re in the midst of something of a national renaissance of worker cooperatives. They’re being established in droves since the Great Recession, and cities are increasingly catching on to their potential as a way to combat poverty and inequality. New York City, Madison, Wisconsin, and Austin, Texas, have all made moves to provide technical assistance or monetary incentives for nascent cooperatives.

Yet, until recently, Oakland — the de facto U.S. capital of worker co-ops — had not stepped up to bat. The city has the highest concentration of such organizations in the country, and a slew of nonprofits devoted to them are headquartered in the Bay Area. But on September 8th, the City Council made good with a ceremonious resolution “supporting the development of worker cooperatives in Oakland.”