Plywood in Retrospect: Olympia Veneer Company

TitlePlywood in Retrospect: Olympia Veneer Company
Publication TypeReport
Year of Publication1969
AuthorsPerkins, N

Plywood in Retrospect: The Olympia Veneer Story is the seventh in a series of historical monographs on the early West Coast plywood mills. The successful struggles of the Olympia Veneer Company to operate a profitable plywood plant as a 100 percent worker-owned venture paved the way for numerous other "coops" in later years. Many of the original stockholders in 1921 are still enjoying the fruits of their arduous labors. Three of these men, Leonard Nystrom, Arnold Koutonen, and Vern Nyman, all of whom played important roles in the "story," have been of great assistance in reviewing the manuscript in contributing to its accuracy. Mr. Nystrom made available the minute books of the company from 1921 to 1955, and all three men as well as Ed Westman and Bill Bailey had furnished data through earlier (1953) taped interviews with DFPA staff.

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