Union Cab Cooperative offers Free Rides to the Polls

"Union Cab of Madison and Badger Cab have joined forces to help people get to an from the polls. When people first heard about this effort, several wrote to us asking if they could help cover the costs. While neither cab company sought to solicit funds, we have been impressed with the generosity of people who want to help people get to the polls. If you wish to donate, please fill out the form below.

This is a non-partisan effort on the part of Union Cab and Badger Cab. Our interest is to help people in our community exercise their right to vote. People who need transportation to their polling place will only need to call 242-2000 or 256-5566. Rides will be provided between a person’s polling place and their home address. The two companies will provide rides free of charge to people in Madison and the following connecting municipalities..."