New York City Network of Worker Cooperatives Receives $150,000 Grant from City Council


"On September 15th, NYC NoWC received a call from the Policy Division of City Council Speaker Christine Quinn. They wanted to know how City Council might help worker cooperatives in New York City!  We acted immediately, engaging in continuous telephone and email dialogue, submitting proposals, providing research assistance, and arranging two in-person meetings at City Council offices. After one month of discussion, City Council decided to act on two proposals:

  • City Council will provide Center for Family Life in Sunset Park (a member of NYC NoWC) with a $150,000 grant to incubate 2-3 new worker cooperatives and
  • City Council will facilitate a working relationship between NYC NoWC and NYC Small Business Services.

On October 18th, Council Speaker Christine Quinn made a speech announcing a series of new job growth initiatives. Included in the speech was a mention of the $150,000 grant to Center for Family Life in Sunset Park (CFLSP).  Since then, CFLSP has received additional press coverage, and expects a press event next week at CFLSP offices with Christine Quinn.

NYC NoWC is extremely excited to be working with City Council, and tremendously grateful for its generosity. And we look forward to continued collaboration with City Council on the issue of worker cooperative job creation."