Jessica Gordon Nembhard speaks on Black Co-op Pioneers in the Struggle for Economic Justice



I hope the community of co-op

I hope the community of co-op's will learn from your work these things:

We can know history to know what to watch for in our future,

Co-Ops are relegated limited wealth building because the corporations don't want too much leakage from competition.

Co-Ops are in a renaissance right now. Members value build the wealth (not just dollars, human relationship, community, etc.) differently than the traditional economic measures.

The right versus left paradigm is false. Seeing through it will emplower co-op members to structure local policital participation that can change the Nation. You might benefit from Catherine Austin Fitts' work on the beat down of the African American community.

We all can join together to forward Truth, Transparency and co-operation. Thanks for your wonderful work.