Green Worker Cooperatives Fall 2011 Coop Academy Looking for Volunteers

Green Worker Cooperatives is looking for volunteers for their Fall 2011 Coop Academy. 

In which of the following areas would you like to provide support?
Business Mentor - Experienced business entrepreneurs from any industry. Responsibilities include meeting with start-up coops for one hour each week during the course to discuss progress and assist with focus & direction, also encouraged to attend as many classes as possible. Time commitment: minimum 16 hours over 4 months
Trainers - Experienced professionals capable of facilitating a workshop for aspiring cooperative entrepreneurs. Responsibilities include developing and delivering a curriculum for one class. Preference is given for those familiar with popular education methodology. Time Commitment: 12 hours ( 3hr training + 3hr class + 1hr post-class debriefing + 5hr curriculum prep)
Service Providers - Skilled practitioners (see list of services below) capable of providing needed services during the course to participating start-up cooperatives or directly to Green Worker Cooperatives. Time Commitment: To Be Determined (based on need & availability)