Co-Soap Leads Workshop on Worker Cooperatives at Occupy Oakland

This Sunday at 4pm Co-Soap member Greg will be facilitating a workshop at Occupy Oakland to discuss cooperative production strategies. Learn about the history of the Unemployed Exchange Association founded here in Oakland during the great depression and brain storm ways we can start making collective production a reality in our own community! Share your skills and meet people who want to build something bigger. Workshop and discussion will be ran by Greg from Co-Soap Worker Cooperative but will require the active participation of all attendees.

Workshops will be held all day Sunday. Visit this link below for the schedule:

The goal of this workshop is to share skills and potentially establish cooperative producing systems within the Occupy Oakland movement to empower participants and increase the collective economic power of the movement. Be prepared to share your skills (eg sewing, crocheting, knitting, shoe repair, electronic repair, programming, roofing, construction, anything you can do that is of value to someone else, etc).


AWC rep... as you know the

AWC rep... as you know the potential to create quality green jobs for the working class is vitally available in the work place democracy movement in this country. The capacity for this working class solution to returning our manufacturing jobs to America while focusing on developing income for low and middle class Americans is consistent with natural law and the power of democratic thinking...As you are aware the UN has declared 2012 as the year of the ideal time to manifest worker owned coops as the solution to returning and creating jobs in America. As Jefferson stated  so many years ago, the leaders of a good government "shall not take from the mouth of labor the bread it has earned" (Portable Jefferson 293). Although these principles of protecting labor from exploitation were lost in modern America, they are now found in the worker-owned democratically managed cooperative movement…which is a natural solution to the problems inherent in imbalanced use of corporations in American industry. The great protectors of democracy and liberalism of the centuries have seen the advancement of corruption caused by corporate greed…return the lost jobs to America and put the ownership and management of America's new age manufacturing systems in the hands of the people. As Jefferson took action against the Federalists, he would have agreed to take action against any consolidation of power generated from an imbalance of corporations and cooperatives and the need to mainfest work place democracy or return the means of production tom the hands of the people. In 1863, the great emancipator, Abraham Lincoln warned that "corporations have been enthroned and an era of corruption in high places will follow…until all wealth is aggregated in a few hands and the Republic is destroyed" (Lincoln Encyclopedia 40) The time to development worker owned manufacturing cooperatives all across this nation is now...the resources to design and guide the development of coops exists across the planet...there are localized organizations capable of managing the development of  cooperatives...what is needed is national leader(s). A leader to utilize the inherent qualities of worker owned manufacturing coops to manifest a national movement to create jobs for the low and middle class working class, a movement designed to return manufacturing jobs to America while inherently strengthening our nation.