Massachusetts United Electrical Radio and Machine Workers talk Cooperatives as they Threaten Factory Occupation

via In These Times

"When workers at Republic Windows and Doors occupied their Chicago plant two years ago, it was a surprise action that quickly attracted the attention of unionists, journalists and supporters worldwide.  Now 85 workers with the same union, the United Electrical Radio and Machine Workers of America (UE), are planning a very similar action at an aircraft seals factory in Taunton, Mass., that closed in October. But this time they're giving advance notice in hopes of delaying the auction of machinery that workers want to keep in order to re-open the factory as a cooperative making aircraft seals in partnership with a large aerospace company."


When I learned about

When I learned about "syndicalism" in community college years ago it struck me as a way to strike a balance between the (theoretical) efficiencies of that mythical beast -- the "free market economy" -- that could also give workers a stake in the system. The global economic crisis reminded me of Jose Maria Arizmendiarrieta so I wrote a song about him: ... hope I'm not mangling his name too badly. Interesting to hear his ideas are alive and well: