Shot In The Dark Café Cooperative, Tucson Arizona

"Shot In The Dark Café worker cooperative  is a collectively owned and operated coffee shop / restaurant.  We serve 100% organic, fair trade coffee and espresso.  We have a full breakfast, lunch, and dinner menu,  served 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, even on holidays!  Coffee, espresso drinks, house made chai, fresh cookies, homemade pastries.  Great food and generous portions, options for vegetarians, vegans and carnivores, and breakfast all day!  Live music & open mic night, art gallery, plenty of comfy seating, ethernet outlets, free WiFi and well-ventilated indoor smoking patio!  We also offer a selection of cigarettes!


Unlike the vast majority of businesses in Tucson or elsewhere, Shot in the Dark Cafe is owned and operated by its entire staff.  What this means is that everyone who works here owns part of the business, has a share in all profits and has a say regarding all major decisions. No major changes can be made to the business, nor can anyone be hired or fired, without passing a vote of the entire staff."




You folks overlap with The

You folks overlap with The Gloo Factory/Peace Supplies?  I know they're in your town, and I've ordered stuff from them several times.  If y'all haven't met up, it seems a "natural" from what I know of their political direction.  Always good to see coops/worker-owned businesses.  Good luck!