Think Outside the Boss 2012

The East Bay Community Law Center and The Sustainable Economy Law Center teamed up in Richmond, CA April 14, 2012 for a free workshop on how to start a worker cooperative. The event included break out groups at the end, with face-to-face consultations with lawyers from EBCLC and SELC, as well as NoBAWC, USFWC and CCCD.

A playlist of seven videos from JJ Noire. See also the accompanying manual (2013 edition).


How Young Farmers Are Using Cooperatives to Build Successful Farms


Rochester Funding Exploration of the Cleveland Model

"The City of Rochester is seeking proposals for a consultant to conduct services centered on the pre-development of a Market Driven Community Cooperative (MDCC). The City has proposed an innovative way to bring new employment and income into high poverty areas. The City proposes to create a Market Driven Community Co-Op Corporation (MDCC Corp). MDCC Corp would leverage anchor institutions to transfer some of their existing value added service contracts to MDCC Corp subsidiaries located in distressed areas of Rochester. These businesses would employ a ‘hire community first’ and ‘ownership rights’ policy, ensuring that money is retained in the immediate vicinity. The MDCC is modeled after efforts by the Cleveland Foundation and Evergreen Cooperative of Cleveland."

The Island Employee Cooperative Buyout

In June of 2014 the employees of three rural Maine businesses formed the Island Employee Cooperative, Inc and bought out the workplaces from a couple planning on retiring who had run the stores for over 40 years. Around 42 of the 62 existing employees opted in to the cooperative and now cooperatively own and operate Burnt Cove Market - a 13,000 square foot grocery, V&S Variety - an ACE affiliated hardware store and pharmacy, and The Galley, a 8,000 square foot convenience store.

Promoting Worker-Owned Cooperatives as a CED Empowerment Strategy: A Case Study of Colors and Lawyering in Support of Participatory Decision-Making and Meaningful Social Change


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